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Ravi's Dream

This star-studded charity music video tells the story of a boy called Ravi, who decided to do something extraordinary with a difficult hand that he was dealt at a very young age. A benign tumour on his brain stem diagnosed in 2021 (when he was 6 years old) left its mark throughout the left side of his body. Having survived the 10 hour surgery and grueling recovery, what did he do next?


He asked how he could help other kids and make something good come out of his experience. Ravi’s courage, tenacity and commitment to flipping the script to find light in the dark has been an inspiration and driving force for AMOS Productions. We are immensely proud of the passion, positivity, collaborative team energy and incredible talent we pulled together to share Ravi's story so beautifully. Telling stories that matter is our raison d'etre. has already generated £83k for brain tumour charities, and with a long list of exciting events scheduled throughout the next year it looks set to smash its ambitious £250k target.


Our version of ‘A Million Dreams’ has been streamed 580k times and had well over 30k YouTube hits. Ravi has been featured twice on BBC SouthEast news, This Morning, Lauren Laverne’s 6 Music show and Adam Buxton’s podcast, plus invited to launch his ‘Dream Week’ campaign at the House of Commons. The messages that still flood in almost a year after the video was released prove how important this campaign is - families affected by brain tumours themselves sharing their stories, and endless support for raising awareness and destigmatising this largely misrepresented and underfunded issue.

Behind the scenes

" Working with Tanya and Amy has showcased an abundance of empathy, creativity and understanding of our charity mission, while maintaining at all times an acute sensitivity to the families and individuals we support."

Piers Townley, PR manager The Brain Tumour Charity

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